HR4038: Critically examining the role of HRM in achieving sustained organizational performance: HRM in Practice Coursework, UD, UK

University University Of Derby (UD)
Subject HR4038: HRM in Practice


Your assignment is to write a structured essay “critically examining the role of HRM in achieving sustained organizational performance in an organization of your choice and produce recommendations to enhance current practice.”

To do this, the essay should be made of two parts.

Part 1 [85%] should consider the following

  1. Identify the organizations’ overall strategy and its HRM strategy [10%];
  2. Discuss the nature and characteristics of HRM, drawing on theory [15%];
  3. Identify the main features of people management strategies, tools and procedures in your chosen organization for TWO topics [25%];
  4. Critically analyze HR practice-based challenges, relating rhetoric to reality [20%];
  5. Assess the arguments for and against HR achieving sustained organizational performance [10%];
  6. Overall Presentation & use of sources/referencing [5%]

Part 2 [15%] should, based upon Part 1, propose FOUR strategically and culturally appropriate HR practice recommendations [8%] for your selected organization in relation to your two chosen topics. These should be in the form of a visually impactful poster [7%] that could be used by the HR Director for the Corporate board (using no more than 150 words in total).

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