How did you identify the relevant person hat needed to be supplied with technical functional information: NVQ Electrical Installation Level 3 Course Work, SDC, UK

University South Devon College (SDC)
Subject NVQ Electrical Installation Level 3


  1. How did you identify the relevant person hat needed to be supplied with technical functional information?
  2. How did you speak to the relevant person/s and identify any additional information that may be required?
    a) Health and Safety information.
    b) Isolation procedures in case of emergencies for products and equipment.
    c) Contact details for further advice or help.
  3. How did you liaise with the relevant person/s to decide what information was required to ensure the systems, equipment, and components could be operated safely and effectively.
  4. How did you identify appropriate technical/ functional information that was required for the work activity?
  5. How did you provide the information in a timely, courteous and professional manner to required organizational procedures?
  6. Produce a risk assessment and method statement that covered yourself, colleagues and others working in your area in accordance with your level of responsibility
  7. How did you follow approved procedures used to complete the job in accordance with Health & Safety legislation and industry standards?
  8. How did you comply with approved procedures to ensure effective coordination with other workers/contractors, including steps to resolve issues that are outside the scope of your job role.
  9. How did you communicate clearly, appropriately, and accurately to ensure effective coordination with other workers and trades working on site?
  10. How did you organize operatives allocating duties and responsibilities to make the best use of their competence?
  11. 313.4.2 How did you monitor the work of operatives to ensure it was in accordance with: –
    a) Industry practices.
    b) Programme of work
    c) Health and Safety requirements
    d) Cost-effectiveness
  12. How did you use correct procedures to deal with a problem of non-compliance during the completion of work activities
  13. Produce a program of work using the work specification which included: –
    a) An estimated amount of time required to complete the work.
    b) Liaison with other trades where necessary.

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