How did the liberal principle of ‘freedom of the press’ come about and Does it function to hold government in check: Media Culture and Society Course Work, UOL, UK

University University of Leicester (UoL)
Subject Media Culture and Society Course



1. How did the liberal principle of ‘freedom of the press’ come about? Does it function to hold government in check?

2. Critically assess the liberal understanding of the 4th estate’.

3. How might Gramscis’ theory of hegemony be applied to the mass media and popular culture?

4. Discuss how Gramsci’s notion of creating a counter-hegemony using the arts and culture was revolutionary.

5. Are the ideas of the Frankfurt School outdated? Or can they still be applied to today’s popular culture and forms of media?

6. Outline Baudrillard’s theory of simulacra and simulation

7. Is Baudrillard right? Are we amusing ourselves and losing a sense of political and social reality?

8 Critically access the work of Adam Curtis in Hypernormalisation. Item

Assessment 2:


1. Who owns and controls the media? What are the social, cultural & political implications of media ownership?

2. Is Hacktivism a genuine political movement? Can it offer alternatives to corporate media ownership?

3. Has the internet generated a new dynamic in media ownership and media content?

4. What are the main social and cultural implications of social media? Answer using substantive evidence.

5. How do political parties use social media during election campaigns? Does it make a difference in terms of voting intentions?

6. Is the multi-media world a ‘fourth estate? How has it changed the way in which political communications take place?

7. Does the advanced media world we live in create greater political, social, and cultural knowledge?

8. What are the social and political arguments related to the positive and negative aspects of gaming? Relate your answer to media narratives. Give examples such as gender, violence, or apolitical apathy.

9. In what ways do the contradictions and paradoxical practices of the contemporary media exhibit themselves in relation to coverage of disability?

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