For this assignment, you are required to select any company from the list given below (Focus only on their UK operations): Leadership and Business Environment – Case Study, UOS, UK

University University of Suffolk (UOS)
Subject Leadership and Business Environment – Case Study

Assignment brief:

Businesses employ a number of strategies to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Many times the outcome is influenced by the strategies of their competitors, changes in the business environment and the ability of the leader influence the businesses’ strategy and response. There is also increasing importance of CSR is also influencing businesses like never seen before.

Assessment Task Description

For this assignment, you are required to select any company from the list given below (Focus only on their UK operations) and perform the following tasks.

  • IKEA
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Primark
  • Sports Direct
  • TK Maxx

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  • Perform a SWOT and PESTEL analysis for chosen business.
  • From the analysis in task 1, in your opinion, evaluate how the changes in PESTEL factors has influenced the Opportunities and Threats for the chosen business. Critically comment on how the business is using their Strengths to negate Threats and address Weaknesses affecting their Opportunities. (500 words approx.)
  • Based on the analysis of the PESTEL factors, identify any two leadership styles that will suit the business, and two leadership style that will not suit them using justifications. Your answer should include relevant theory and use of literature. (500 words approx)
  • In your opinion, what is the impact of organisational culture and structure on ability of the organisation pf your choice to respond quickly to the environmental challenges and opportunities. (500 words approx.)
  • Comment on the policies and efforts of your chosen company on the environmental sustainability in terms of response, responsibility, and social obligations. In your view is the chosen company meeting stakeholders’ interests. (500 words approx.)

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