For this assessment, you are required to produce a 3000-word research briefing, which addresses the following topic: Criminology Coursework, UCL, UK

University University College London (UCL)
Subject Criminology

For this assessment, you are required to produce a 3000-word research
briefing, which addresses the following topic:

  •  What can be done to improve the treatment of rape victims in the
    criminal justice system?

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Improving the treatment of rape victims within the criminal justice system involves several key initiatives and reforms:

  1. Specialized Support Services: Establishing specialized support services, including trained counselors and advocates, to assist victims throughout the legal process. These professionals can provide emotional support, information, and guidance to navigate the system.
  2. Trauma-Informed Training: Providing comprehensive training for law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and other professionals involved in handling rape cases. This training should focus on trauma-informed approaches to interact with victims sensitively and empathetically.
  3. Reducing Secondary Trauma: Ensuring that victims aren’t re-traumatized during the investigation and trial process. This involves minimizing repetitive interviews and invasive questioning, and using alternative methods to gather evidence when possible.
  4. Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality: Implementing measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of rape victims throughout the legal proceedings, preventing the dissemination of personal information that could further victimize them.
  5. Legal Reforms: Advocating for legal reforms that address challenges in prosecuting rape cases, such as removing burdensome evidentiary requirements, updating laws to reflect the realities of sexual violence, and ensuring fair and unbiased treatment in court.
  6. Specialized Courts or Units: Establishing specialized courts or units dedicated to handling sexual assault cases. These units can have trained personnel, streamlined procedures, and a victim-centered approach to improve outcomes.
  7. Victim Input and Empowerment: Providing victims with opportunities for input in the legal process, such as allowing them to express their preferences regarding legal options and outcomes, empowering them to have a voice in decisions that affect their case.
  8. Community Awareness and Education: Promoting community awareness and education campaigns to challenge myths and misconceptions surrounding sexual assault, reduce victim-blaming attitudes, and encourage reporting and support for victims.
  9. Long-term Support: Ensuring ongoing support for victims beyond the immediate legal process by providing access to counseling, medical care, and support groups.
  10. Monitoring and Accountability: Regularly monitoring the handling of rape cases within the criminal justice system to ensure compliance with established protocols and continuously improve practices.

By implementing these measures, the criminal justice system can become more victim-centered, fostering a safer environment for victims to seek justice and support after experiencing sexual violence.

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