Explain what you think is the most significant way in which globalisation has affected the worlds of work: CIPD Level 7 Homework, UK

Question 1 – Explain what you think is the most significant way in which globalisation has affected the worlds of work and employment over the past twenty years. To what extent will this continue to be the case in the next twenty years?

Question 3 – “With 75.3% of those over the age of 50 in work, and the state pension age increasing all the time, older workers are here to stay. As a result, managing an ageing workforce is an increasingly important issue for HR professionals” (Trullen & Bonache, 2018: 585). a) Critically analyse TWO key challenges associated with managing an ageing workforce. b) Recommend ways in which people management professionals can respond to these two key challenges.

Question 4 – What are the main causes of increased social inequality around the world? To what extent could changes in HR practice help to reduce social inequality?

Question 6 In what ways and to what extent does government policy in the field of education affect HR and L&D practice in organisations? Illustrate your answer with THREE current examples.

Question 7 How far do you agree with the view that employment and labour markets in the UK have become over-regulated in recent decades?

Question 8 Explain how the management of people tends to vary depending on whether a labour market is tight or loose. Illustrate your answer with examples from your own observations and your reading.

Question 13 In what ways can the HR and L&D functions in organisations make a direct and significant contribution to the achievement of high standards in the field of business ethics? Illustrate your answer with examples.

Question 14 The CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey (2020) found that some organisations which reported rising levels of stress-related absence are not taking specific steps to address this type of absence. How would you advise these organisations to effectively respond to rising levels of stress-related absence? Illustrate your answer with examples from your reading.

Question 1 You apply for a role as a senior HR manager in a large private sector organisation. As part of the selection process, you are asked to make a ten minute presentation on what you consider to be ONE major way in which the HR function can add value for an organisation. What would you say and why? Justify your answer with reference to your reading.

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