Explain how own values, belief systems and experiences can affect work practice either in a positive or a negative manner: nvq level 4 in adult care Course Work, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject nvq level 4 in adult care
  • Explain how own values, belief systems and experiences can affect work practice either in a positive or a negative manner.
  • Describe how own emotions can affect own behaviour and in turn the behaviour of others
  • Describe strategies for keeping aware of own stress levels and for maintaining wellbeing
  • Evaluate how to use feedback and reflective practice to increase self awareness of own values, behaviours and actions
  • Explain how to ensure own actions reflect a high standard of personal integrity
  • Describe strategies for managing own emotions when interacting with others
  • Explain ways to adapt own communication in response to the emotional context and communication style of others
  • Evaluate strategies and tools for identifying work priorities
  • Evaluate strategies and tools to reduce own stress levels, build resilience and support own wellbeing while meeting work priorities
  • Explain how digital technology can be used to enhance own efficiency
  • Explain how and when to delegate responsibilities appropriately to others
  • Analyse the importance of ensuring own words and actions reinforce the vision and values of the service
  • Evaluate ways to challenge and promote change in views, actions, systems and routines that do not match the vision and values of the service
  • Explain ways to evaluate own knowledge and performance and identify areas for development using:
  • standards and benchmarks
  • sources and systems of support
  • Evaluate the tools and strategies available to develop a personal learning plan
  • Explain ways to evaluate the effectiveness of own learning

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