Evaluate the extent to which the business environment affects a given organisation: Business Btech Assignment, UK

Subject Business Btech Assignment

1/C.D2 Evaluate the extent to which the business environment affects a given organisation, using a variety of situational analysis techniques.

1/C.D2 Evaluate how changes in the market have impacted on a given business and how this business may react to future changes.

1/C.M3 Assess the effects of the business environment on a given organisation.

1/D.M4 Assess how a given business has responded to changes on the market.

1/C.P4 Discuss the internal, external and competitive environment on a given organisation.

1/C.P5 Select a variety of techniques to undertake a situational analysis of a given organisation.

1/D.P6  Explore how the market structure and influences on supply and demand affect the pricing and output decisions for a given business.

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