Develop a Hypothetical Case History on the Basis of the Details Given Below: Special Education Case Study, UOEL, UK

University University of East London (UOEL)
Subject Special Education

1] Develop a hypothetical case history on the basis of the details given below.

He can identify alphabets and numbers from 1-50. He usually replies in one word. He still has a problem with his sitting habit. cannot sit for more than 15 minutes. His hand flapping behavior distracts him a lot.

Moreover, he bites his thumb for sensory needs and to express his aggression. He identifies daily use objects and their functions. The toilet training is there but he still needs help to put on and pull off his pants, buttoning shirts, and holding pencils.

Social skills are extremely poor…he only answers to adults if asked questions otherwise don’t take initiative in making any kind of communication. Peer relation is absent.

2. Include both long-term and short-term plans in IEP for academics, motor, social, and language skill development, and the intervention strategies in a table format so that the entire scenario can be understood at a glance.

3. Prepare a lesson plan for group teaching of 3 students, one having ADHD, and the rest two are on the autism spectrum for teaching them the concept of three seasons (summer, monsoon, and winter). Please mention all the details required for the lesson plan including TLM or materials required.

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