Describe what science Explains AND what scientific methodology is: Empirical method and Hypothetico-deductive model: Introduction of Psychology Essay, NC, UK

University Northern College (NC)
Subject Introduction of Psychology

1. explanation of what is meant by scientific methodology

  • describe what science
  • Explains what scientific methodology is: Empirical method and Hypothetico-deductive model

2. A discussion of two scientific research methods commonly used by psychologists

    • Select two scientific research methods (e.g. Laboratory experiments and Controlled observations)
    • Explain what the two methods are
    • Explain of when psychologists have used the methods
    • discuss the usefulness of the methods

3. Evaluate the application of two approaches in psychology to an aspect of human behaviour

  • Select an aspect of human behaviour: Aggression or Phobia or Depression
  • Using two approaches in psychology (Behaviourist, Social learning, Biological, Cognitive or any other approach) explain how well the approach (strengths and weaknesses) explains/ treats your chosen behaviour

4. A discussion of ethical issues raised by psychological research

  • Explain what ethical issues are
  • Select one unethical study and explain the ethical issues within the study

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