Describe a Cognitive Psychological Phenomenon or Cognitive Process with relevance to the existing literature: Psychology Course Work, UOW, UK

University University of Wolverhampton (UOW)
Subject Psychology

Describe a Cognitive Psychological Phenomenon or Cognitive Process with relevance to the existing literature

  • Students are expected to describe a cognitive psychological phenomenon or a cognitive process using OVER FIVE relevant cognitive psychology journal articles.
  • Your aim of the coursework is to introduce the chosen process or phenomenon related to cognitive psychology, using journal articles (Introduction, literature review, finding, and discussion) to support, illustrate and demonstrate the chosen phenomenon.
  • Your goal is not to simply summarize the articles, but to merge the articles chronologically to create a structured paper.
  • Your work should reflect your understanding of the experimental approach to study the cognitive process you have selected, critically analyze research related to your selected topic in terms of validity, reliability & ethics
  • Display an ability to clearly communicate ideas and explanations using correct & scientific terminology in standard formats.
  • You will be assessed for arguments you have brought up in your answer, being critical of the content you have covered, up-to-date research evidence you have provided, the coherence you have maintained throughout the answer, and the completeness of work. The use of citations, references, and grammatical and spelling errors will be considered in the evaluation.

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