COM4018: Develop an understanding of data structures and programming techniques in context of a programming language: Introduction to Programming Assignment, AU, UK

University Arden University
Subject COM4018: Introduction to Programming

Assignment Brief

As part of the formal assessment for the programme you are required to submit a Introduction to Programming assignment. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments. The assignment brief will specifically give details and instructions for the assignment. No examination, or details of, are included within this module.


The assignment is given as three separate tasks. Each task is to be answered individually. Task 1 has been written and designed to check your knowledge and understanding of data structures and programming techniques, including pseudocode. Task 2 checks your knowledge and understanding of Algorithms and arrays, in order for you to put given integers in the correctly stated order. Task 3 gives you the opportunity to write an extended code, once the initial pseudocode has been written. This particular task will check your knowledge and understanding of loops and IF statements.

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Learning outcomes:

After completing the modules you should be able to:
LO1 Develop an understanding of data structures and programming
techniques in the context of a programming language.
LO2 Demonstrate an understanding of how programs are developed i.e.
from concept to development and testing.
LO3 Demonstrate an ability to write programs using appropriate structure
and language rules.

Assignment Task

Task 1:

Building contractor

You are a developer and you wish to build five new houses, all from wood and all uniform. Each house has 3 rooms, all with exactly the same dimensions, i.e. 2m x 4m. Wood prices have been set at £6.00 per meter. You need to determine the total cost of the build of all five houses. Initially, you will need to write the pseudocode to solve the following problem, define the variable name and data
types, plus write the code to solve the total build cost.

Task 2:

Internet traffic

As a digital business analyst, you have been asked by your line manager to supply the last seven months’ traffic figures to your company’s website. At the moment, the traffic numbers are not in ascending order.

Task 3

Car repairs

An owner of an auto repair shop wishes to organize his team of mechanics at the beginning of the day. To make the distribution of work equal, he organizes cars with an even amount of faults into bay 1 and cars with an odd amount of faults into bay 2. There are nine cars in total

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