CIS7015: Requires you to form teams of between three and seven members to carry out a Rapid Application Development: Team Software Development Project coursework, CMU, UK

University Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU)
Subject CIS7015: Team Software Development Project

Assessment Brief

  1. Overview

This coursework requires you to form teams of between three and seven members to carry out a Rapid Application Development (RAD) exercise. Each team will appoint members to one or more of the following roles:

  • Facilitator
  • Scribe
  • Senior Management Representative
  • User Representative
  • Developer

The roles are described in more detail in Section 2. It will be noted that the ideal team size is five. If the team numbers are greater or fewer than five then there will either be more than one team member per role or more than one role per team member.

The team is required to develop a simple system using the RAD methodology and a suitable development environment. The precise domain and scope may be chosen by the team. An example would be a property management system for a letting agency developed using MS Access and consisting of two or three tables with a small number of associated forms and queries or a prototype of a mobile application.

Clearly, the development should begin with a requirement for a system from the user representative(s) and management representative(s). This should take into account the known capabilities of the developers.

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