Choose an FTSE100 company to research and write about and get it agreed by your tutor Evaluate a recent strategic action by the company: Strategic Management Report, UOL, UK

University University of Law (UOL)
Subject Strategic Management


Assignment background

A company’s success is dependent on sustaining the competitive advantage it has over competitors. There are factors, external and internal l that influence a  company’s competitive advantage including its resources, competencies, and capabilities which the company must use in the best way possible.

Your task

Choose an FTSE100 company to research and write about and get it agreed by your tutor. Evaluate a recent strategic action by the company and assess the strategies applied, making appropriate recommendations for possible further strategic actions.

You will need to look at the implications of the company’s business environment, it provides consider the company’s current strategic position, its resources, capabilities, and how successful they have been, or could be, in establishing competitive advantage.

1. Analyse the company’s internal and external environments, apply models you deem appropriate and likely to provide you with relevant findings.

2. Identify which of the company’s resources and capabilities contribute to competitive advantage and establish whether or not the competitive advantage is likely to be sustainable.

3. Draw your conclusions and provide recommendations for further strategies the company should adopt, to ensure sustainable competitive advantage(s).

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