BUST10004: Write clear, coherent, and well-structured arguments concerning influences on ethical decision-making: Business Ethics Course Work, TUE, UK

University The University of Edinburgh (TUE)
Subject BUST10004: Business Ethics

Learning outcomes

  • Write clear, coherent, and well-structured arguments concerning influences on ethical decision-making that are well supported by the relevant literature
  • Apply relevant ethical theories to identify and analyze ethical issues in business
  • Reflect on personal learning and management implications  arising from the film based analysis

It is your responsibility to acquire and watch the film in your own time.  Films can be downloaded streamed or purchased easily and cheaply from a variety of outlets.

You will need to watch the film more than once – plan your time accordingly.  Make detailed notes as you watch the film.  If you watch the film in a group, it can be useful to discuss and check your understanding with each other.  NOTE: This is NOT a group project – all submitted work must be based on your own individual efforts and ideas, and in your own words.

Format and Structure

The assignment should be presented in a written report format.  This means that you should use numbered headings and sub-headings as appropriate to provide a clear structure to your work.  Also include a separate title page, contents page, and references page. Times New Roman 12pt, 1.5 line spacing.

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