BM7005: Discuss with the support of research evidence the meaning and explanations for consumer loyalty: Buyer Behaviour Essay, KUL, UK

University Kingston University London (KUL)
Subject BM7005: Buyer Behaviour

Your essay should demonstrate the knowledge of some journal papers published in reputable journals on a subject, particularly recent work. You should evaluate any research that you cite, drawing attention to the limitations of the published work. Thus, the findings should be explained and criticized. Marketing practice should not be offered as the basis for the answer, though connections may be made with practitioner concerns or other applications. A good answer is closely related to the question, factually accurate, connected to relevant theory, and the implications and applications of the evidence. Key studies and recent research papers from quality journals (see journal ranking on Canvas) should be cited. You must use published research evidence in the argument. Please ensure that all references relating to research evidence used in your assignments are listed in the ABS list. Practitioners’ concerns are important in showing relevance, but these are not evidence. You may use, sparingly, references from industry sources, such as,, Admap,, Nielsen database, and Do not be superficial; if the question is wide, cover some of the answers in reasonable depth and with critical evaluation. It is important to indicate doubts about evidence and theory. Use subheadings where necessary. References should be cited in the text,e.g. Smith (2007), and then fully listed in alphabetical order at the end. You must always give the authorship of the work that you use. Please follow Harvard Referencing for business students.

Assignment Task

Write an essay on one of the topics below. You are required to exclude any topic that has been covered in your group assignment:

  1. “Do you believe in…brand love?” Answer this question with the support of research evidence and comment on the shortcomings of this field of research.
  2. Discuss with the support of research evidence the meaning and explanations for consumer loyalty. Reflect in your answer on different types of consumer loyalty. How can marketers use research evidence on consumer loyalty in practice?
  3. Discuss, with the support of research evidence, whether “Word-of-mouth communication is the most powerful force for change but the least accessible”. Critically evaluate the research on negative and positive patterns of word of mouth. Discuss, with justification, three future research areas that can help us to understand word of mouth better.
  4. Report research evidence on how consumers respond to price. Choose one part of pricing research and report evidence, theory, and practical applications.
  5. Critically evaluate research evidence on consumer responses to cause-related marketing campaigns. Reflect on theoretical explanations for the above.

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