BEM2011DA: The Operational and Organisational Strategy module is designed to enable an understanding of how strategy: Operational and Organisational Strategy, UOX, UK

University University of Exeter (UOE)
Subject BEM2011DA: Operational and Organisational Strategy

Module Aims

The Operational and Organisational Strategy module is designed to enable an understanding of how strategy is developed and implemented. Combining theory and practice, the module draws upon fundamental models of strategic management in a constructive way to see how strategy impacts various organisational areas.

The module will contribute to the apprenticeship journey by identifying the practicalities and difficulties in putting a strategy in place, thereby enhancing knowledge, skills and capabilities and developing their organisational leadership practice.

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Over the module, we consider how organisations define their direction and strategy shaped by, and expressed through, their purpose, values, ethics and governance. We will explore how an organisation’s analysis of its external operating environment and internal strategic capability shapes the options available to them and informs their choice of direction. Organisational strategy must then be implemented, so we will move on to explore how high-level direction is translated into operational aims and objectives. Successful implementation largely rests upon the ability of middle and junior managers to plan, coordinate and control operational activities that, together, will achieve the strategic goals.

This is likely to involve considerations such as supply chain management, workforce development, resource allocation, sustainability, risk management, monitoring and evaluation, and quality assurance. Whilst these are all big topics, we will touch on each during the module. You are also encouraged to conduct your own independent research into the models, approaches and themes discussed, as well as into the practices of both your own and other organisations.

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