address a specific research question relating to one aspect of nutrition science: Nutrition and Dietetics Assignment, UU, UK

University Ulster University (UU)
Subject Nutrition and Dietetics


The aim of this coursework is for students to carry out a search of the available literature in order to address a specific research question relating to one aspect of nutrition science.  Students will work in groups of three, along with their project supervisor and produce a report of their findings.  The report will be an individual submission, however, students are encouraged to work together and may present the same introduction section (see details below).

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Understand how research and the collation of information can support the development of knowledge and contribute to the evidence base in nutritional science.
  • Critically reflect upon how the experience relates to your personal, career and academic development, particularly with regard to the development of technical and transferable skills.
  • Present your findings in an appropriate scientific form.
  • Demonstrate the values of the University through team working and through verbal and written communication and behaviours.

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