7BSM2004: Demonstrate a Critical Awareness of Current Strategic Issues Facing Managers in a Chosen Field: Strategic Management Research Coursework, UOH, UK

University University of Hertfordshire (UOH)
Subject 7BSM2004: Strategic Management Research

Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:

• Demonstrate a critical awareness of current strategic issues facing managers in a chosen field

• Understand how to apply a range of strategic tools, theoretical frames, and perspectives to enhance decision making in a complex environment

• Demonstrate understanding of strategic options and develop an ability to critically evaluate these in relation to the internal and external analyses of an organization

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:

• Research, analyze, and evaluate information from a range of sources, synthesising this to investigate the current issues in a business context that shape strategy formulation.

• Critically evaluate the application, relevance and impact of different approaches to strategic thinking within a business context

• Reflect on practical experiences of leadership or management, and how these impact on organisational outcomes

• Demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas and findings in an effective manner through a range of methods

Assignment Title:

PART A: Strategic Analysis of a chosen organisation. This will include analysis of the environment as well as evaluation and selection from available strategic options.

Description of the assignment, task, content, and structure:

Undertake a situation analysis for an organisation of your choice listed in any stock exchange around the world. It could be the UK, your home country, or any other listed organisation you are familiar with.

Provide your analysis using evidence from annual reports, the company’s website, news stories (e.g. Financial Times, Guardian, BBC, etc.), integrated with module tools, frameworks, and theory. Conclude your report by providing an analysis of available strategic options—as covered in the module.

In the case you have a selected field in the program, your selection needs to be justified accordingly. Similarly, your answer needs to provide information and have a focus relevant to the selected field (to demonstrate understanding of specific characteristics of the field).

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