7042MAA: The first section you are asked to evaluate the performance of a traditional ICE-based powertrain system: Advanced Propulsion Systems, CU, UK

University Conventry University
Subject 7042MAA: Advanced Propulsion Systems

Learning Outcomes

  • Model-based analysis and evaluation of traditional powertrain systems in terms of prediction of performance, emission, and fuel consumption indices.
  • Sensitivity analysis of traditional powertrain systems.
  • Primitive design (sizing) of hybrid powertrain systems components using first principles and rules of thumb.
  • Design and optimization of advanced powertrain systems using MBCD technique with the aim of fuel consumption minimization.
  • Design validation of components and control strategy based on MBD technique.


This Course Work comprises two main sections, in the first section you are asked to evaluate the performance of a traditional ICE-based powertrain system, you should model the powertrain system to find the performance indices and compare them with the primitive design criteria you’ve learned during the lectures. Since you’re dealing with the model, you can easily do a sensitivity analysis and predict the performance of vehicles characteristics when some parameters are varied.

In the second part of this CW brief, you are asked to design and analysis an advanced hybrid powertrain. In the first step, you should apply your knowledge to size the components and select the proper components of the vehicle. In the second step, you will develop a model of the powertrain system which enables you to design the controllers and evaluate your design. You’ll employ the developed model to design a high-level supervisory controller with a number of low-level controllers to manage the energy sources based on the requirement in an optimal manner. Finally, you’ll use the developed model to evaluate your design by comparing the finalized performance index with the ones you expected.

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