6BUS1025:Evaluate the methodologies for global marketing research and a range of sources of data/information and tools of analysis necessary to support a global marketing strategy: Global Marketing Assignment, UOH, UK

University University of Hertfordshire (UOH)
Subject 6BUS1025: Global Marketing

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:

The assignment may demonstrate learning of the following outcomes:

  1. Analyze the changing nature of the global trading environment and the major strategic and contextual trends which affect global strategic decision-making;
  2. Research and evaluate the different social and cultural conventions which affect buying behavior and marketing approaches;
  3. Examine the ethical considerations and implications of a range of global marketing strategies;
  4. Evaluate the methodologies for global marketing research and a range of sources of data/information and tools of analysis necessary to support a global marketing strategy.
  5. Critically analyze the global marketing environment through the use of models and tools for decision making;
  6.  Carry out research on a business and a global market

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Description of the assignment:

You are a new graduate employed in the marketing department of a Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise. You have been asked by the senior management to help them consider the option of going global with their products or services.

You are required to select a Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME). You could use Business Source Complete accessible from the StudyNet Online Library to help you identify an appropriate company.  You must select an organization that could reasonably expect to consider going international. The business may already be international/global but is considering a new international market.

The report should identify a prioritized list of issues that your company should consider when going international or global with their Product(s) or Service(s).

Clearly state and describe chosen Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) and the market you are proposing to enter on the cover sheet, therefore not included in the word count.

The issues identified should be relevant to your selected organization and chosen market. Ensure that the issues identified are supported by referenced academic theory, models and frameworks, etc.

Specific instructions:

This is a REPORT, not an essay, so present and structures it accordingly. The only modification to a normal report will be the inclusion of academic references, which must be included.

As a guide to content, you are advised to look at the lecture program of topics. Most are highly relevant to this assignment brief.

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