Writing introduction overview of a dissertation

July 13, 2021 | George Orwell | 1826 views

The overview of an introduction section in a dissertation is considered to be very brief and explanatory simultaneously. Students often end up writing the same kind of phrases and sentences with the same meaning over and over again.

This type of issue is commonly faced by students because of the lack of synonyms, weak vocabulary, and inappropriately phrasing a sentence.

In this article, we will discuss the two effective methods to write a better overview of your dissertation with examples.

Methods to Writing Overview Section of Dissertation Introduction

1. Use better phrasing of words

There are many techniques in which you can phrase a sentence but we are discussing the most effective ways to keep it simple and useful for you.

Using The ‘I’ construction

Example 1-
In chapter 1, I discuss the cause of issues. In chapter 2, I discuss the literature review and In chapter 3, I discuss the research methodology

In this example, the meaning can be understood as it is the most simplified and easy way of writing but it is not suggested to write it in this way as it’s wordy and less impact.

Using passive sentences  

Example 2-
The cause of issues is discussed in chapter 1 and the Literature review is discussed in chapter 2.

The passive sentences are a good way to write an overview of the introduction where the action done by the subject is visible. however, you are recommended to use it in the rest of your dissertation’s sections. 

Using inanimate subject with an active verb

Example 3-
Chapter 1 presents the causes of the issue and chapter 2 discusses the literature review.

As the chapter is inanimate it is not itself capable of presenting and doing action but still, it makes sense while reading it as a whole. So, it is another way of adding variety in writing your sentences. 

2. Use Important Verbs

You often used words that prove, state or discuss things in your dissertation. So having good synonyms knowledge will help you write better and engaging content for your dissertation.

Here are a few words example out of many you can use to write a variety of phrases in your overview. 


Make sure you check the definition of any verb you use in your dissertation. Knowing more action verbs will help you in writing and phrasing a sentence and will give a scope of writing more engaging content for your dissertation.

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