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December 27, 2023 | George Orwell | 261 views

I have been practicing e-coaching for the past 4 years, where maintaining the originality of any content was the most challenging thing for me before I discovered an easy alternative to that!

It was “” that can effortlessly perform the task of clearly elaborating the percentage of duplicate content a file has and allows easy removal of the plagiarized content.

Its efficiency doesn’t end here; the tool can provide you with the link or source from where the content was copied.

This feature of the tool helped me in marking out my student’s assignments as original or copied, ensuring a fair evaluation process.

It has become my favorite professional aid, encouraging me to write a detailed review of the features of this incredible tool to assist those who are seeking an authentic online plagiarism checker. Overview is an online plagiarism checker tool that utilizes advanced AI algorithms to identify duplicate content in provided documents.

The built-in vast databases enable users to recognize content copied from published blogs, articles, academic material, etc.

It is one of the most accurate, reliable, and affordable online tools that can efficiently scan content of up to 25,000 words without affecting the resulting output.

It is helpful for users to maintain content integrity, which is one of the most important factors for ensuring academic and professional credibility.

Another proficient alternative to this AI tool is the Plagiarism Checker by It not only provides a clear distinction between plagiarized and original content but also provides the user with the source and link from where the content was taken.

Quality Features of the Plagiarism Checker.

With the increasing trend of learning and earning through online digital platforms, the demand for creative, engaging, and voluminous content is also on the rise.

Simultaneously, the originality and integrity of the content (whether it is web content or academic material) to be published are non-negotiable.

Therefore, whether you are a student, e-instructor, blogger, or digital content writer, you need an AI plagiarism checker that can effortlessly scan your content for any copied material, eliminating the need for manual editing and proofreading.

1.     Multilingualism

The plagiarism detector features 25+ languages to identify duplicate content, which means that users can utilize this tool to check plagiarism in any language.

It facilitates professionals who have to prepare content for audiences of diverse languages and students who need to deal with multilingual literature in their daily lives.

2.     Matchless Accuracy

Its matchless accuracy in identifying copied or plagiarized content is the fundamental reason for the tool’s popularity among users, especially professionals.

The plagiarism detector employs advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect and highlight even minor similarities in the provided content. It compares your content with vast academic and other online databases.

3.     Provide Percentage of Plagiarized Content

After conducting a thorough analysis of the provided content, the AI content checker tool highlights the original content (in green) and plagiarized material (in red) separately.

This summarized approach to displaying the results is helpful for users in quickly identifying the plagiarized and original portions of their writing.

On the other hand, highlighting the original content in green and the duplicate in red facilitates the user in separating them with ease.

For the further ease of the user and to promote ethical writing practice, the tool goes beyond merely identifying similar content.

By clicking on any of the sentences from plagiarized content, the tool can tell you from where the content is copied (the source and link of the copied content).

5. User-Friendly and Affordable is a paid tool and does not offer any free plan. However, you will be happy investing in this efficient and reliable tool. It is the simplest-to-use plagiarism checker that will be available 24/7.

Real-Life Benefits of Plagiarism Checker

By automating proofreading, the plagiarism checker online has significantly eased the lives of professionals. Here are a few ways this amazing tool helps us:

  • Academic Content Integrity

The originality of written content is the one thing that cannot be compromised when it comes to academic writing. An AI tool can effortlessly perform this task for students, researchers, and educators.

  • Time Efficiency

There is always a risk of duplication when either renewing an old contract or seeking assistance from others’ content. An AI content checker can help you easily find and remove any plagiarism, saving you time.

  • Professional Content Credibility

Professionals such as digital content marketers, journalists, e-educators, etc., can benefit from using a plagiarism checker to ensure that the content they share with their audience does not pose any reputational risk.

  • Legal Protection

Legal protection of web content allows individuals and businesses to confidently produce and share it.

  • Content Quality Enhancement

The accurate identification of the originality and copied portion of a piece of content provides the user with the chance to improve their writing skills to meet professionalism.

Pros and Cons

As is the case with all tools and technologies, this AI plagiarism checker also has some limitations along with many advantages it offers to its users. Here is a quick overview of all the benefits and drawbacks featured by the tool.


  • User-friendly
  • Efficient and accurate
  • Affiliated AI Content Detector for free
  • Capable of scanning PDF documents for copied content
  • Helps to maintain content integrity
  • Free plagiarism checker for students
  • Features multilingual plagiarism checking
  • Separately identify plagiarized & original content
  • Provide the link & source for the duplicated content
  • Most economical compared to other plagiarism checkers


  • Might be expensive for non-professionals

Pricing Plan

The plagiarism detector features the most economical pricing plans divided into 3 categories:

Starter ($5/month) Professional ($10/month) Agency ($100/month)
10,000 words 100,000 words 1 million words
AI technology AI technology AI technology
Deep plagiarism check Deep plagiarism check Deep plagiarism check
Plagiarism report Plagiarism report Plagiarism report
No language option No language option Allows multi-linguistic content

Summary is an efficient and reliable tool for detecting duplicate content in academic or professional writing.

It is proficient in identifying the matching percentage of the content in the provided documents with a vast database, including academic publications, blog articles, and books available online.

The tool provides the percentage of unique content, plagiarized material, and the link and source for the duplicate material.

Therefore, if you are a student, educator, content writer, or blogger in search of an affordable yet authentic plagiarism checker, you can confidently invest in this extraordinary AI tool.

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