Conceptual framework: Mediator variable

July 13, 2021 | Felix | 68

A mediator variable acts as an mediator between the dependent and the independent variable. It is an important part of the cause and effect relationship. It makes easier for the reader to have an better idea about relationship between the variables in your dissertation.

How to use a mediator variable?

A mediator variable can be used in a different ways. According the example taken in our conceptual framework article. we will be discussing how to introduce a mediator variable and will show how it can affects the relationship between the dependent and independent variable.

We will expand the relationship of our dependent variable and independent variable. Suppose , the first variable is ‘working hours’ which is independent variable and the second variable is ‘job promotion’. the job promotion of a person depends upon the office working hours. If we introduce a third variable in between which is ‘performance’ , the third variable will act as a mediator variable.

The more no. of hours the person works, the better will be the working performance. The better the working performance the sooner he will be promoted.

This is how a conceptual framework will look like if a mediator variable is introduced:


                                                                 ↘                                     ↗


 Difference between Moderator and mediator variable

There is difference between moderator and mediator variables. A moderator variable can impact the outcome of the dependent variable but not affected by independent variable.

a mediator variable defines the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable where as the moderator variable affects the strength of the two variables.


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