Developing An Understanding Of The Relationship Between Research: Adult Nursing, MUL, UK

Aims and RelevanceDeveloping an understanding of the relationship between research, practice and policy underpins the development of nursing knowledge and underpins evidence-based practice. Judici
| 2nd Aug 2021

The World Is Currently Witnessing An Immense Shift In The Digital Revolution: Quotation, YGU, Malaysia

The world is currently witnessing an immense shift in the digital revolution. The fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0) marks the beginning of an era of technological evolution, in which a fusion of te
| 21st Jun 2021

TLH314: Using the InterContinental Hotels Group Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the Hospitality Group: International Hospitality Management Assessment UoS, UK

Learning outcomesUpon successful completion of this module students will be able to:Knowledge1. The impact of globalization on strategic hospitality management.2. Traditional and contemporary
| 3rd Jun 2021

UGB 269: Reflect on their personal network of tutors family members relatives and professional social networks: Innovation Management Assessment UoS, UK

Learning outcomes K1 Analysis of the role of innovation management and its impact on global business. K2 Critical debates on the strategic, tactical, and operational challenges in establishing
| 29th May 2021

Demonstrate your Learning by giving Examples from each of the Weekly Learning Sub-modules: Cyber Security Application Assessment SSU, UK

Assessment Task:A Portfolio is a way of demonstrating your learning by giving examples from each of the weekly learning sub-modules. These can include written descriptions of practice, screenshots,
| 24th Apr 2021

RBP020L071: Conduct an Analysis of a Global Brand with Respect to its Brand Inventory which Includes an Analysis of the Brands Global Branding Strategy Brand Positioning and Brand Elements: Global Brand Management Assessment UoRL, UK

Instructions for Assessment Formative AssessmentThe formative assessment for this module takes the form of a group-based poster. You will be asked to conduct an analysis of a global brand wit
| 13th Apr 2021

Using Statistics Citing Literature and maybe Using Quotes from Community Stakeholders(as well as) Describe the Specific Community you are Targeting: Statistics, UK

TARGET COMMUNITY DESCRIPTIONUsing statistics, citing literature, and maybe using quotes from community stakeholders (as well as) describe the specific community you are targeting. Where is it, wha
| 12th Apr 2021

RBP020L063S: Provide an Introduction to the Report that clearly States the Aim and Structure of the Report and Summarises the Key Issues in the Case Scenario: Leadership and Change Management URBS, UK

Summative assessmentThis module will be assessed through an individual report on a case study called “Organisational Change Development Plan” which you will be provided within week one.The ass
| 12th Apr 2021
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