How to Write the Findings of a Dissertation

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There are different sections in a dissertation like findings and discussion chapter dissertation, literary review section, etc. It is important to understand the specification behind writing every part of the dissertation to write a professional dissertation. In this article, our professionals will provide you with an explanation of How to Write the Findings of a Dissertation. By reading this article, you will be able to prepare a good Dissertation Finding.

What is dissertation findings section?

The term dissertation findings do not need any explanation to define it because it is very clear that an account research outcome is given in the dissertation findings. Whatever is collected by applying a research methodology on the topic of the dissertation is known as dissertation findings. One cannot give personal reflection on the data obtained in the form of dissertation findings.

How findings section of dissertation differs from discussion chapter

The dissertation findings part comprised of research-based data collected on the topic of the dissertation. On the other hand, a discussion chapter include  dissertation findings and analysis. In short the former is  raw data on the topic and after critical evaluation you need to include it in later.

Now, lets develop understanding about  how to write findings chapter?

How to write dissertation findings

If you are unable to write your dissertation findings section in your undergraduate dissertation have a look at the following guide. A complete guide for writing dissertation findings is given below for undergraduate students of the United Kingdom.

Project your hypothesis in brief before writing the findings of the dissertation

No matter whether you are writing a discussion chapter or dissertation findings it is important to give a brief overview of your dissertation hypothesis in the beginning. It gives a basic idea about the dissertation to the reader who is reading the dissertation.

Give a brief account of the arguments and points of dissertation

You need to have reporting and discussing your findings the research arguments that are directed on the topic of the dissertation. All the arguments of the dissertation should be written in relation to the thesis of the dissertation only without distracting from the main objective of the dissertation.

Talks about the solutions that are derived from the arguments on the topics

The solutions of arguments that which you obtain  after research on the dissertation topic should also be discussed in the dissertation findings. These are the main findings that need to be written in the given section. If you fail to write your solutions for the arguments in the dissertation findings section your dissertation will remain incomplete.

Write the outcome of your research points as findings of the dissertation topic 

There is no much difference between the previous point and this one as both of them are almost similar to each other. But dissertation findings got to do something more than solutions of arguments only. Here you need to add other research outcomes on the topic as well which proves your objectives for the research.

Do not subject the findings of the dissertation for analysis 

This is one of the most essential things which has great importance while writing a dissertation findings part. You cannot add to your personal reflection and ideologies in the findings of the dissertation.

Keep a check on the word count for dissertation findings section

Make sure that you do not stretch the length of a dissertation findings chapter too long. This is because you have to be brief while writing this section of the dissertation but at the same time writes your dissertation findings chapter in a dynamic way. Sometimes length exceeds such a limit that people lose interest in reading the dissertation and even dissertation lose its meanings as well.

So follow these ideas and suggestions to write the best quality dissertation findings section for your college undergraduate dissertation. You can write master dissertation by following the same pattern and tips when it comes to the findings section of the dissertation.

How to present dissertation findings?

When planning to present your findings , the first thing you need to decide then how you will organize specific section. At the time of presenting your findings  try to represent the story you are going to include in relation to research questions. You should arrange your finding section in logical manner. You can organize your research findings on the basis of research questions. At the beginning of  findings chapter you need to restate  the research questions. At the time of presenting the findings you need to consider the following:

  1. You should ensure that there is sufficient amount of evidences from data supporting conclusion.
  2. It is very much important for you to have confidence in your findings.
  3. Students should ensure that findings which they are presenting is relevant to conceptual framework.
  4. You should present findings in relation to problem.

At the time of presenting findings it is very much essential for you to concentrate on data. It will provide you ease in answering research questions.

Presenting qualitative research findings example

Suppose, An investigator is performing qualitative research on analyzing the way  globalization has influence business. The best way researcher can present their Qualitative findings is that he can structure it around hypothesis or research questions which he intends to address. Investigator can report he relevant findings for each of the research questions or hypothesis with a focus on  the way researcher analyze them.  Researcher is using questionnaire technique for data collection.  The last question in Questionnaire was  mainly focus on suggestions for strategies which can be utilize for improving business performance at global level. There were most of people who replied that merger with  multinational corporations is the best strategy which can be applied for improving business performance.

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