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These days colleges and universities are very active in terms of providing homework assignments to the students. Especially in United kingdom famous colleges like University of London, Oxford University, Brixton University, London School of Economics etc. Are famous for giving a bulk of assignments to college students but due to academic pressure and other co-curricular activities, students mostly fail to complete the essay assignments before the specified deadline of submission. Graduation students suffering from these issues can get there assignment work completed by expert assignment makers at Students assignment help UK. But in to order to know the problems firstly we should turn some focus towards the essay assignment itself.

What is an Essay Assignment?

An Essay is a piece of writing work given to the college students that gives them a way to express his/her ideas upon the topics picked by them or given to them by their college professor. Essay is a writing form sharing relations with others writing form like a Paper or a short story.

Nature of Essay

  1. Formal Essay: These Essay assignments are on some serious purpose that maintains a proper length while maintaining the dignity of the particular topic.
  2. Informal Essay: This Essay assignment focuses on the compact filling of personal experiences and self-revelation. This has a rambling structure and sometimes if the need arises humour can be used.

Types of Essay

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College students often get confused between choosing the service providers for there assignment work. So below are some points that graduation students should consider before availing any online essay assignment help service.

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